General Rules for NAILS Assoc. Nail Competitions

NAILS Association competitions are open to:

  • Licensed Professionals.
  • If your state does not require licensure, proof of certification or business license.
  • Students are allowed to compete and proof of student status is required to register.


  • Contestant:
      1. Must register to compete.
      2. Must follow all rules.
      3. Must provide a live model (18 or older) for all competitions requiring models. (If model is under 18, parent must be present during modeling.)
      4. Must make sure model knows & follows all rules.
      5. No speaking to your model when they are being judged.
      6. Contestants are not allowed in the judging area at any time.
      7. Breaking of any rules will be cause for disqualification.
      8. Must report to the arena at the directed time for set up and rule reading, 15 mins prior to the start of the competition.
      9. Late entries may be allowed prior to competition rules being read.
      10. Once the rule reading has begun no late entries will be allowed into the competition arena.
  • Models:
    1. Must be 18 or older. (If model is under 18 parent must be present during modeling.)
    1. Must read all rules.
    2. Do not assist contestant in any manner.
    3. No licking, blowing or adjusting of nails during competition or judging.
    4. No talking to other models or contestant during judging.
    5. No jewelry of any kind on hands or wrists during competition or judging.
    6. Do not lift judges curtain. Slide your hands, as instructed by the director or floor judge.
    7. Do not speak to the judges when judging is in process.
    8. May not purchase items during an expo, if competition is the same time as the expo.
  • Competitions:
      1. No pre-work is to be done, unless specified.
      2. All work will be conducted in competition arena, unless otherwise specified.
      3. Nail Art competitions are the only competitions allowed to have work prepared in advance, if the rules allow.
      4. When the Reading of Rules has begun, all contestants and models must be sitting and listening. Contestant may not touch model during reading of rules until the start of the competition.
      5. All products, supplies and equipment needed for each competition must be supplied by competitor and all products must be labeled.
      6. All products, supplies, and equipment must be set up and ready by the reading of the competition rules. If you forget something, please call over the director or floor judge to assist you with the forgotten items.
      7. No marbles, stones or other objects are to be used at any time for any reason, unless otherwise specified in rules.
      8. If competition director or floor judge finds items that are not allowed in your work area after the competition has begun, they will remove the item/s and you will need to ask for them to be returned at the end of the awards ceremony. NAILS Assoc. staff are not responsible for items you do not ask to be returned.
      9. When the competition begins, competitors and models are not allowed to leave the arena until completion of the competition. In there is an emergency situation, the competition director will make the call.
      10. When Competition Director calls the stop time, each model must hold hands in the air and stand at their table. Contestants will NOT touch the model again until after judging is complete.
      11. At the end of competition each constant will clean their area and leave, or if competing in the next competition, reset for the next competition.
      12. If competitor is mailing in Nail Art entries and would like them returned please include a self addressed, postage paid, return label. All entries with out this will not be returned.
  • Disqualifications
    1. Any contestant disqualified during a competition will be escorted out of the arena.
    2. If any winning entry is disqualified after competition has ended, the winner will be notified and is to return trophy and any winnings.
    3. If before, during or after a competition, contestant has problems or concerns, they may speak to the competition director in a calm, respectful manner to handle that concern. If that is not the case, the director can at her discretion not allow the contestant into a competition, disqualify them, take back winning status or remove their entry.


The NAILS Assoc. & competition staff reserves the right to the final interpretation for all rules.

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