Hand Painted Nail Art Competition

Nail Art (Hand Painting)


  1. This is a hand painting nail art competition.
  2. Each person wishing to compete may enter as many hand painted nail sets as they wish.
  3. If entering more than one entry for this competition you will need to pay for each entry.
  4. You may mail in or have someone else present your entry. (NAILS Association is not responsible for lost or broken entries prior to the start, after beginning or after the end of the competition.)
  5. Entry must be 10 nail tips, graduated in size just as if you would wear them, straight from the box. Do not extend them or apply any additional products.
  6. The design should be hand painted and follow the Theme, “What Christmas Means to you.”.
  7. All designs must be completed before entering the competition arena.
  8. Designs should not contain more than ¼ glitter in the entire art work.
  9. No raised surfaces this is for flat, hand painted nail art.
  10. No printed, airbrushing, decals, or flash art. (hand painted ONLY) Only paint and nail polish. If your design appears to break this rule, judges will discard your entry.
  11. Tips must be displayed on a flat surface no larger than 6×6. You may design the surface and incorporate your them. But it must have the tips attached to the surface so they can be removed by judges to inspect.
  12. Please give a brief description in writing on no more than the front side of 2 index cards sized paper of how your design represents “What Christmas means to you”.
  13. If competitor is mailing in Nail Art entries and would like them returned please include a self addressed, postage paid, return label. All entries with out this will not be returned.
  14. If Mailing in your entry, please mail it by October 1, 2016, so we have time to track.

 Enter this competition here!

Judging: 1- 10 points

Did you follow the theme?

Any discussion with the NAILS Assoc. competition staff about designs will be held in strict confidence.

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